The International Perfume Academy

TIPA is the training division of Orchadia. We provide specialist online courses and bespoke training solutions relating to fragrance and fragranced products.

Our ethos is simple: we explain complex topics clearly and provide engaging and thought-provoking content. Our goal is to build real understanding with practical applications. Where possible we make training fun too!

''I loved every minute of it. The content was really easy to take in and understand. Even the technical parts seemed straight forward - and this is not a strength of mine! I have worked with perfume for many years and taken other courses, even some provided by the top fragrance houses. I can honestly say this was the best by far. I am regularly in situations where I apply knowledge learned during the course''
A student from our Advanced Perfume Training online course

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on using our specialist expertise to provide engaging content and unique learning experiences for our students and clients.